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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Which platform you are using?

Answer: This is for "facebook" platform.

Question: There was a update. When new items are added?

Answer: Items, mounts, units, generals adding automatically from game (using UGUP app).
Update run on Saturday

Question: I add few items but they dont show up on the best colosseum set up. These lines are just empty. Why?

Answer: You must add min 4 items (can also be one that you have 4 times) in current slot (for example chest). Otherwise the program does not calculate the result.

Question: I was wondering, instead of having people try and calculate their bonuses from rank, that a set DB of rank bonuses be used and people just input their rank?

Answer: This funcionality is in notes. I will work on it

Question: Same magics dont show in table "DB magics". For example proc info on penelope's band. Why?

Answer: 1. Is critical. Application dont calculation with critical. I dont know haw I can set it. Maybe in future.
2. I dont have info about proc of this magic. If you have it, please send me

Question: Is there a google document of this?

Answer: No, it's web application created in PHP with MySQL database.

Question: Can I help?

Answer: Yes, you can.
If you signed up more than 2 weeks - in your profile is new function "I want to help" - if you click, you have more options.

Question: How can I edit item procs data?

Answer: I call it magic. Item dont have procs data, only magic get special damage.
In MAGIC table:
Amount a Incidence - In 'Damage Proc (4th gen - link on left menu)' list is col 'Proc', for example 4.78%, if you open editable version (and in FireFox) and click on this cell you see Fx=85/1747 (in function panel).
Amount = 1747 and Incidence = 85
Cap = "Damage Cap" (column "J")
Base = "% of Base Damage" (column "I")
Special - column K, L, M, N - but carefully this bonus (in your app) is only against raid (normal, demon, dragon, gild, ...) -> and his Cap/Base . Now you can set 2 against. For example against dragon & siege

Question: What is "Bonus A/D" and what should we write there?

Answer: Bonus A/D is attack/defense you've got from PvP (revard from your duel and coloseum rank)