Dawn of the Dragons - help

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Welcome to your page

This application will try to help you playing games Dawn of the Dragons.

Why should you use this application?

  • We will show you how you can set up your Colosseum (witch items is best for each position, ...)
  • Also try show you the best item sets for Raiding (max damage), Questing (max perception), Leveling (max stamina, energy for speed leveling) and Dueling (max power)
  • You can compare different items, units and magic. Find out what is best of the best :)
  • Database is always actual (new items/units/magics are added to a few days)
  • Add Raid bosses from UGUP. You can see FS/OS/AP
  • Add shared raids from World Chat

Some functions are accessible without login/registration. You can found it in the left menu.